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Now you can get our pasture raised, organic-fed chickens delivered straight to your door and also locally produced sausages and ground beef.

Each box includes:

- one 4-5lb whole chicken

- one package spice rub

- one package leg quarters

- one package boneless skinless breasts

- one broth pack (includes one back/neck, 12 feet)

- 1 pound Italian sausage by Lava Meats (locally sourced pork)

- 1 pound Breakfast sausage 4 patties by Lava Meats (locally sourced pork)

- one speciality meat item by Lava Meats (made with locally sourced beef, chicken, lamb, goat or pork) rotated monthly

- two 1lb packages grass-fed ground beef from Double D Ranch

- one specialty item

(Each month we'll include a surprise specialty item from another small business in our community which could include jams, jellies, hot sauce, honey, goat cheese and more)


Price includes shipping to anywhere in the state of Hawaii. Meats will be packed in insulated box and shipped out on Tuesdays via FedEx for Wednesday delivery. You can expect your first box within 2 weeks of placing your order and every month after that. We are unable to ship out of the state of Hawaii.


If you pay online and choose to pick up your montly box directly from the farm during regular farmstand hours, we will give you a $15 shopping credit towards products at the farmstand (since we save on shipping cost/packaging), please email if that's what you'd like to do and let us know when to expect you.

Chicken, Sausage, Beef Box Subscription

Price Options
Chicken Sausage Beef
Chicken Sausage Beef Box Monthly Delivery
$155.00every month until canceled
Chicken Sausage Beef
Bi-monthly (every 2 weeks)
$155.00every 2 months until canceled
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