Our farm specializes in fresh, organic, pastured poultry on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are passionate about providing the community with a wholesome, local, fresh alternative to factory farmed supermarket chicken.

Friday, June 21, 2013

We have production dates!

I am happy to announce that our first order of chicks has been placed.  We buy our broiler chicks from Asagi hatchery on Oahu, so they are shipped out and received the same day.  This minimizes stress on the birds and we feel good about supporting another local company.  Our first 200 chicks will be arriving on July 3, which means (barring catastrophy) that we will have chickens to sell 7 & 8 weeks later on the following processing days:
  • Saturday - August 24, 2013
  • Saturday - August 31, 2013
For your convenience and mine, I have set up an online order form to reserve chickens.  
Payment will be due on pick-up.

After we work the kinks out for the first few months, I plan on setting up a way for you to place a "standing order" of chickens each month.  That way, you can be guaranteed fresh chicken for your family each and every month and don't have to go through the order process each time.

Mahalo for your support.  Please tell your friends and family to help us build our customer base!