Our farm specializes in fresh, organic, pastured poultry on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are passionate about providing the community with a wholesome, local, fresh alternative to factory farmed supermarket chicken.

Processing Equipment Rental

The following poultry processing equipment is now available for rent:

- Large Whizbang Plucker - (4-5 chickens / minute ) - $30/day
- Metal kill cones - $5/day

The plucker can de-feather multiple birds in under a minute.  We've never tried it on turkeys or ducks, but you are welcome to rent one and give it a try.  There's nothing worse than plucking feathers by hand, and you will quickly find that renting a plucker is well worth the price.  We are not currently renting out scalders, however scalding can be done very easily in a large pot with a thermometer to regulate the temperature.  Make sure your scald water is exactly 145-147 degrees F and you will be amazed at how easy your poultry will be to process. 

You must sign a rental contract and make payment with a credit card.  Equipment must be cleaned before returning or there will be an additional charge.  You may pick up the equipment in Kurtisotwn.