Our farm specializes in fresh, organic, pastured poultry on the Big Island of Hawaii. We are passionate about providing the community with a wholesome, local, fresh alternative to factory farmed supermarket chicken.

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Azolla Feeding Trial Results Update

Last Saturday we harvested the last 5 of our 16 chickens from the azolla feeding trial.  The final results are in for the overall experiment:
Group 1 (11 birds) processed at 7wks
Group 2 (5 birds) processed 7wks 6 days
Average feed consumed - 12.5 lbs each (200lbs total)
Average weight at slaughter - 4.5 lbs
Mortality - 0% 

We are really happy with the results and intend to continue researching ways to replace imported feed with alternatives that can be produced on the farm.