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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Feed Choices

           We are really excited to get the farm started and I am currently working on sorting out all of the details.  A huge component of raising livestock is availability of feed.  Broiler chickens that are raised on pasture are able to supplement their diet with grass and bugs, but their main source of calories comes from a high protein grain-based feed.  I would like this farm to be as sustainable as possible, so we will also be raising a high protein water fern called azolla in shallow ponds to feed the chickens.  There are rumors that there will soon be a feed mill up and running in Hilo, however I have not gotten any definitive information on when and where locally produced feed will be available.  So this leaves us with the reality that we will need to use at least some imported feed to begin operations. 
            Initially, I had planned to buy a feed from a local store in Hilo, which is made by Nutrena and has no added antibiotics.   This would already be a huge improvement over factory farmed chickens who are pumped full of antibiotics, appetite enhancers, and who know what other chemicals, while getting no fresh green material.  We would be able to offer conventional grain fed, pastured, antibiotic-free chickens for $4.25/lb. 
            But then, I thought about how much I would like to take it a step further and feed our chickens a completely organic ration.  If we had to pay the price of organic feed available at local feed stores, we would have to charge more than I think people should have to pay for a chicken.  However, after much research, I am pleased to announce that I have figured out a way to ship directly a completely organic non-GMO feed mix from California that would allow us to offer completely organic, pastured chickens for $5.50/lb
            If you have a moment, could you please send us an email about what your preference would be?  This will help us decide which direction to take this, or if we should be offering both options. Your input is valued and appreciated.

Please email punachicksfarm@yahoo.com

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